Q2 Academy recognizes the diversified training needs of students from different backgrounds and adjusts our training accordingly. We design individualized training plan for each student based the student's current school performance and study habits.

Whether you would like have tutoring at your comfortable home and avoid the hassle of driving, or you would like to have your kids’ training all at one central location so that you don't need to drive around the city to catch up different classes, we have a tailored program for you. We offer one-on-one home tutoring, small group classes, workshops, and summer camps to meet parents and students' individual needs.

We provide training and support for:

  • Math – all levels including Vectors and Calculus, Advanced Functions and Data Management
  • Sciences – all levels including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • English – all levels including Advanced English, and English Literature
  • French - all levels
  • AP and IB courses
  • Summer camp
  • Homework and class projects/assignments
  • Communication skills and social skills
  • US and Canadian university application consultation
  • And many many more...

Please contact us at 647-230-0539 for a free consultation!